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A Socially Conscious, “Green” Translation Company

When thinking about translation and interpreting, few people think about the environment. ILS is rethinking our processes to significantly reduce the pollution and resource depletion caused by our industry. We’ve found that being “Green” has improved our efficiency and is helping to maintain a healthy environment for the future.   

At ILS, we are continually taking steps to reduce our impact on the environment.

Paperless office
Our offices rely heavily on e-mail and electronic document storage to greatly reduce the amount of paper waste created at our corporate office as well as by our translators. ILS is well on its way to becoming a near “paperless office.” Many of our important documents and business records are kept secure in electronic files. When the need does arise to print documents, we reuse and recycle paper and encourage our team to do the same.

On-line/Telephonic Meetings & Telecommuting
ILS works with clients and contractors in cities around the world, using the latest technology to do business seamlessly across time zones as though we were in the same office.   By maintaining this close contact with clients, linguists and staff, ILS makes extensive use of conference calling, internet conferences, and encrypted file sharing to significantly reduce the need to travel--keeping business running efficiently.  

Efficiency in Interpreter Scheduling
On-site interpreters are scheduled in the most geographically efficient manner possible. This reduces travel charges for our clients as well as reduces unnecessary vehicle pollution created by driving.

Alternative Fuels
In many regions, our interpreters are using alternative fuels, such as clean-burning ethanol blends, hybrid technology and even public transportation to travel to and from assignments. 

Please e-mail us to ask about our “green” policies or to suggest ways in which we can lessen our impact or our Carbon Footprint on the environment at  (subject line: GREEN)


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