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Written Translation
At ILS, our specialized teams of linguists can translate your documents into any language. We work with linguists holding all U.S. and International certifications to provide accurate and certified translations. All of our translations are edited and reviewed for quality control, and when appropriate our experts will use specialized industry specific tools to ensure terminological and stylistic consistency even on the largest projects. We frequently translate documents relating to advertising, business, law, medicine, construction, engineering, and more. The types of materials can range from smaller projects, ( i.e. legal agreements, contracts, correspondence, corporate brochures, manuals, insurance documents, employee handbooks, presentations, as well as personal documents such as birth and marriage certificates and educational transcripts) to large Multilanguage projects (such as publications, textbooks, product manuals and comprehensive product materials.)

ILS specializes in providing the most qualified Professional Interpreters for any situation you may encounter.

Legal Interpreting
Many ILS interpreters hold Federal and State Court interpreter certifications. Our linguists specialize in Criminal, Civil and Immigration Law with subspecialties in labor law, workers’ compensation, product liability, construction defect, medical malpractice, personal injury and auto claims. Please contact us with a brief description of your case and the court in which it will heard and we will assign an interpreter or team of interpreters with the credentials and specialized subject area knowledge to ensure that your case is handled professionally.

Medical interpreting
ILS is extremely involved in the professionalization of medical interpreting. While medical interpreter certification exists in only a few regions of the country, ILS works these Interpreters and with the most professional qualified interpreters in this field. You can be assured that our linguists have the training and background to ensure proper communication, HIPPA compliance, ethics and confidentiality in all medical settings. ILS also works with most insurance companies, and in some cases can provide services at no cost to your clinic. Please contact us to ask how.

Conference Interpreting
ILS provides professional conference Interpreters for a variety of venues, from small business meetings to stadium style presentations. ILS can coordinate all aspects of the presentation and sound system or work in conjunction with your A/V staff to ensure that the language component of your event goes seamlessly.  Please contact us regarding your event.

ILS also provides professional Legal transcription and translation services. Whether you have surveillance tapes, interrogation videos or video depositions, ILS has professional linguists who can provide evidence-quality transcription/translation of your materials. Expert testimony regarding the transcription/translation process is also available.

ILS is greatly involved in the training and professionalization of language professionals. We provide classes and work with a number of professional organizations to train linguists. Courses we have been involved in include:

  • Introductory/Advanced Translation (Spanish)
  • Medical Interpreting
  • Court Interpreter Skills building

Additionally, we provide training and consulting to clients on working with translators and interpreters.



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