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International Language Solutions

Why Choose ILS

International Language Solutions, Inc. provides the “Best Value” in Translation and Interpreting Services

ILS works with linguists who are not simply bilingual, but are highly trained in translation or interpreting AND who are specialists in the field in which they work. Working with experts at every level of a project ensures a final product that is typically of higher quality , more timely and cost effective, saving our clients time, money and the potential embarrassment of a job done poorly.

Translation is an art. Yet, technological advancements in translation tools are revolutionizing the industry. Machine translation remains a highly flawed and impractical solution. However, when appropriate, ILS utilizes specialized, industry specific tools to improve the quality and timeliness of translations.  

Quality Improvement:
ILS has an established quality control process. We have developed a system of document/performance review which involves working directly with the client to continually improve the quality of the services we provide both on an administrative and linguistic level. This ensures that our clients receive the highest quality services they really need to adequately complete their project, and nothing more.

In working closely with a variety of clients, we have come to the conclusion that price is only one factor in selecting a company to provide translation or interpreting services. Our clients look for quality, customer service, prompt turn around times, and ease of scheduling.  At ILS, we use qualified, professional linguists and the latest in technology. We continually strive for improved quality and customer service and work to offer competitive rates. Our goal is to truly provide the “Best Value” in Translation and Interpreting Services .


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